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Drey Dreydl - Spin, Dreydel

by Litvakus



Moishe Oysher's famous Hanukkah song, performed by Litvakus


1. Breng mir broyt un breng mir vayn
Veln mir ale freylakh zayn
Kh’hob shoyn latkes, fleysh un fish
Un a vays-gedektn tish

Kh’hob di brokhes shoyn gemakht
Di menoyre shaynt a prakht, Day….
Toyznt zunen yedn flam
Shtolts bin ikh mir mit mayn shtam, Day…

Drey dreydele fun nun tsu gerotn
Drey dreydl tsum gerotn
Kumt a vokh fun Khanuke
Iz alts ba mir gerotn.

2. Yedes likhtl hot a zin
Es dermont mikh ver ikh bin, Day….
Di menoyres oysfarshaynt
Ale zaynen mayne fraynt, Day…

Apikorsim ruft arayn
Zoln zey nit gerekhnt zayn. Day-day…
Zoln zey take zen aleyn
S’iz a groyse nes geshen. Day…

3. Ver hot zikh af dem gerekht
Az a shtikl brekl lekht, day-day-day…
Brenen vet oyf doyres lang
Un balaykhtn undzer gang, day-day-day…

Breng afile sonim mit,
Shrek zey got, nor shtrof zey nit, day-day-day…
Oy breng mir broyt un breng mir vayn
Veln mir ale freylakh zayn, day-day-day…


Bring me bread and bring me wine,
We will rejoice and be merry
I already have latkes, meat, and fish
And a table with white tablecloth on it.

I have already said the blessings,
The menorah glows, such a beauty!
A thousand suns in every flame,
I am proud of my roots.

Spin dreydl, from NUN to the good,
Spin, spin, dreydl to the good.
A Hanukkah week comes,
I just feel so good!

Every candle carries memory,
It reminds me of who I am.
The menorah is all lit-up,
Everyone around is my friend.

Invite the heretics in,
May they not be counted though.
Let them finally see
That a great miracle has happened.


He who will make fun
Of this holiday,
Will burn for generations
And will light up our way.

Bring even the enemies to the party,
Scare them, God, but don't punish them.
Bring me bread and bring me wine,
We shall all rejoice just fine!



released December 10, 2020
Zoë Aqua, violin
Taylor Bergren-Chrisman, bass
Joshua Camp, accordion
Zisl Slepovitch, vocals, clarinet, direction
Sam Weisenberg, poyk (marching drum)

Recorded in multiple locations / remotely, in November 2020.
Edited by Zisl Slepovitch in December 2020.


all rights reserved



Litvakus Brooklyn, New York

Renowned Eastern European clarinetist, pianist, and composer Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch presents a uniquely thrilling klezmer experience with his new quintet Litvakus, which brings to soaring life the often overlooked Belarusian and Litvak (Belarusian-Lithuanian) Jewish musical heritage. Litvakus is reaching out to the modern audiences worldwide, making the old sound new and fresh, meaningful and hip ... more

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